Western Christianity is a joke (rant)

Western Christianity is a joke.

That is, if you can even call it Christianity.

I would think the early New Testament Christians would look at Western Christianity and pass it off as Gnosticism or in some cases open Satanism.

America is my main focus though I would have to say (despite some slight variations) this can be applied to all first world western nations that have some sort of label as a “Christian” nation. Christianity has its standards for what it is and what it isn’t. And though I will not deny that there are some complex and complicated doctrines within scripture, the core fundamentals of Christianity are not that hard to understand and connect with other doctrines rather easily. In fact, I’d almost have to say that from my experience in understanding the truth within scripture has led me to understand that everything ultimately leads back to the cross and the Gospel.

God’s treatment of Israel all throughout the Old Testament ultimately teaches that man cannot earn salvation by his own works thus the need for a perfect savior.

The Rapture of the church shows us that God wont put us in a situation we cannot handle despite trials and tribulations (paying the cost of righteousness as Christ did).

The doctrine of regeneration shows us that salvation is not a get out of jail free card but rather a life long journey whose rewards lie at the end of the road (Jesus’ journey to Calvary).

I could go on and on but I digress. Scripture in all its truths paints a very beautiful picture yet if you listen to Western Christianity, it sounds like a bunch of shouting and loud noise. I wouldn’t dare to think what it would look like as a painting. Western Christianity, and especially America, is in a very bad place right now.

I remember a few years ago I saw this clip online and it inspired me and made me hopeful for a Ron Paul presidency. Back when I was finally applying years of political rants by my father (a political science major in college who went on to be the Valedictorian in his graduating class) and I honestly felt we had a legitimate candidate who could come in and restore Americas to her glory days (which I believe ran from 1870 up until about the great depression). But those days are long gone. Ever since the 1930’s America has been on a downward spiral. We have always had the preachers screaming at us to repent as a nation but it seems the louder their voices got, the more we rebelled against God.

I would go a step further and say ever since 9/11, God has ultimately abandoned America as a nation and now only appeals to the saints directly (as He always has).

There will always be a remnant. There still is a remnant in this land (praise God!). That remnant will always be radical in its ways. It will meet the radical, depraved evil that spans across the land with radical love and radical charity. Deliverance will take on a whole new meaning for these folks soon.

A collapse is coming. I don’t say that lightly but rather from years of studying (not brainwashing mind you from the doomsday media on the internet). I see it clear as day now because of the shear wickedness of the western nations. I believe God sent us legitimate prophets in people like David Wilkerson whose messages were not only unpopular to Western Christianity, but were downright scandalous. One that comes to mind is this:

If God sends us a true prophet, his words will not be well received by general churchgoers. In fact, today if you stand up for any kind of righteous, absolute truth, then it will not be well received by almost anyone. Lost and confused Americans have been shaped and molded into ticking time bombs. A wicked people do not prefer the things that are holy and true they would rather believe a lie. And our enemy has made sure that they are provided with layer upon layer upon layer of lies. Lies that are so pushed onto people as truth that people no longer believe in anything, and they are fine with that.

The petty indifference I see in almost everyone I know is incredible. Most of the men I grew up with are now in their 30s and are depressed and feel empty inside. They’re high hopes of riches and a beautiful wife and smart children are gone. They are replaced with depression, drinking, and perverseness. Oh that rants I could write on this stuff but I’m not going to. Not here.

But I lay the blame solely at the feet of Western Christianity. Which includes myself I wont lie. I have only been saved 5 years and I have wasted much of the time since then. But I never stopped pursuing the truth and seeking God and for that, He has rewarded me. But so many people I have met in my life who call themselves Christian are so far detached that they think of me (and my radical stance on things) as nothing more than a hateful fanatic who is out of touch with reality. It is absolutely incredible how the more you draw closer to God, the more society just rejects you in incredible ways. You really do get a first hand understanding that its the Holy Spirit that changes people not you or your technique.

The Christian is called to simply preach the truth and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. That my friends, is real faith. And the more your faith grows, the more you want it to be tested. The more it is tested, the more it grows.

The Christian life is so simple to understand. Its the sin and the devil that gets in the way. Its the scales and the brainwashing that gets in the way. Its the television and the peers that get in the way.

Its the stuff that gets in the way. Learn to not want all the stuff, and show God you mean it with your actions. Not your words, your actions! It is one thing to pray for God to remove an addiction from you life, but if you show God with your actions as well, then He will know its not just rhetoric.

Western Christians need to change NOW. Every minute you either draw closer to Him, or further away from Him. And every minute draws us closer to the collapse of the west.





















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